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Monday, September 1, 2008

German Language Class

Guten Tag (for those who dont know Deutsch sprache (German language) it means Good Day and is used to exchange pleasentries.

For thsose who are not aware of this. I have joined German Language classes at nagpur University Library. The classes are conduced 5 days a week daily form 6 pm - 8 pm. The classes started some 1 month back. Now that may make you think as to why am i informing you about this. Thats coz of an incident in that took place in the class today.
We had a notice which read:-
A Parent - Teacher meeting has been scheduled to be held on 06 Sept 2009 and all are requested to inform there parents accordingly.
After listening to that notice i was spellbound. i tried to enquire about the agenda of the meeting but unfortunately that was not mentioned in the notice. I am at my wits end finding out as to why this meeting has to take place. i dont know form where have the authorities conjured up this bizzare idea of a parent teacher meeting and that too for students who are graduates or almost graduates. Come on yar we are all above 21 yrs of age and constitution finds us eligile to vote and chose or may be elect would be the right word the leaders of the country. So, why at all this meet.
And as if this was not enough we are supposed to get a writen letter form our parents in this regard which ensures that we have informed them about the same. Come on grow up..........


piyush said...

Buddy wats the average age of students cmg to ur class.. if u r the oldest brat studying in the class and ur mates are all from school then u have no choice other den getting ur parents to the class.. he he... company matters buddy..

cd singh said...

well if the date is no wrong dont worry by the time the meeting really takes place u will be out of there. ;)
And baaki its Nagpur University yaar ne thing can happen.

cd singh said...

Well if the date is not wrong by the time this meeting is held u will be way out of there, so no worries ;)
and incase u have forgotten u r in nagpur univ dude. ne thing is possible

Anonymous said...

yep,very juvenile of them!.....but thn,methinks maturity keeps eluding some inspite of our blessings n best wishes to them.....soo,i guess...'c'mon grow up' wd be a sheer waste of a sensible phrase on them:)