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Thursday, September 11, 2008

German language - My first Impression

No doubt many words can be made out easily because of the similitude with their English counterparts but the language has its own complexities.

Tortuous as it is, what complicates the issue further is that I am very poor in spellings right from my childhood. You don’t get to see it here, thanks to Mr Gates and team that MS office comes with a built in auto correction facility. Some fine points which I feel complicated are:-
1) Every noun needs to be written with an Article - Can you imagine that a common noun for girl takes an article used for neutral gender.
2) The very confusing V – There is a very confusing character V (fow). You never know when to pronounce it V and when fow.
3) The grammar is as complicated as our own Sanskrit – It reminds me of my childhood days when I used to mug up the roods in Sanskrit.

Some good things about the language are:-

1) Sentence construction is very easy
2) If you listen carefully you don’t have to be worried about the spellings, 90 out of 100 times I get them right you would definitely have a better strike rate.Any knowledge about the language is a key to the vast world of German books. You can get first hand information about Communism reading Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels, Philosophy reading Sigmund Freud and last but not the least Dictatorship reading Adolf Hitler. And yes if literature attracts you then Goethe.


minoti said...

Hey Gajanand this is Minoti ur classmate from ur Deutsche class.. Its heartwarming to know that u too were 1c upon a time at sea like how I am right now..well then there is hope 4 me jetz!!!!!!!The only big positive about the language is that i am finding it fun(wen ever I take time to open d books that is) learning sumthing completely new and at my age..n yea i have sumthing to look forward to do in the evenings... u guys grasp things much faster!well well u can even say i am not as bright!... I have no background of Sanskrit or for that matter Marathi too was an ordeal at school..n sure enuf I had my probs with the english language spellings too,so u can well imagine my state..anyway I was told that we have a website which would help a beginer..but sure enuf I havnt found that!Plz send me the url of that n also of anyother site that wud help a novice like me.. take pity on poor me!my email is
thank u n take care

Anonymous said...

Aah,listen carefully.......n u guys do tht,do u?i'd rather tht u two r busy 'giggling',maybe texting msgs or celebrating havin fooled the poor teachers in2 believin u r a couple of sincere students....:).....umm...well,u cd hoodwink Minoti,wiseguys......:)

Anonymous said...

yes,Phaneromaniac..v sure wd like to hear ur views,comments on the 'Fresher's day'...u mst mke time out of ur busy it after it wd mke an interesting read comin frm u!:)