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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Abhinav Bindra wins Gold at Beijing olympics

Finally its done. We, the nation of over a billion who were alwayse riduculed for not wining even a single individual gold at the olympics for past 112 years find respite in the extraordinary effort by the little champ. This definitely ends the draught for the gold medals at olympics but somehting that makes me uncomfortable is that inspite all the achievement of Mr Bindra it is not taken in the spirit and fervour that it should be.Any victory in World cup (cricket) or even a trination series for that matter make the entire nation dance and party to such an extent that the entire day truns out to be millions of lost man hours. It a very sorry state of affairs and also a rason why a cricket crazy nation does not perfrom at the olympics. It has been so wisely quoted by Mr M S Gill, The Union Sports Mininster on the occasion "The feat by Abhinav is far more than any T20 Cup or even World cup in cricket". Any attempt to glorify the feet would be small because i understand we in India are in no mood to lionise anybody other than our most revered cricketers. We have gone so crazy behind cricket that a sport which is played by only a handful of countries ( less that 20 ) should according to us get a place in Oympics. This is the new mantra that we seem to have deviced to add to our feamished points tally. I would not comment on whether this is right or wrong but would defnitely thake this opportunity to say that we should desperately think beyond cricket and give some credit to other sports as citizens of the country so that other sports also see the same glory as cricket in India sees today. Unless this happens, take it from me no amount of facilities or motivation form any government or Sports club will help in breeding and motivating world champions. Take China for Example. We have alwayse been comparing India with china but i a glace at the olypmics medal tally would make it clear how far behind we are. China as of today has 11 Gold medals and is on thrack of winning another 30 or so and without any doubt i would aver that this is the first and the last gold for India as far as 2008 Olympics are concerned. And never underestimate the feat achieved by the Chinese. The chineses had not won a single gold before 30 years or so and today they are leading the points tally and could very well end up being the best performers at the olympics this year that too despite Micheal Phelps who single handedly gets some 7-9 golds for the US.
Incredible feat and full marks to Chinese. Its time we take a leaf out of China's book and come out with some spectacular performance before its too late. China also deserve full marks for hosting the olympics this year. Lets ensure that we give our best and host the commonwealth Games with the same spirit and success as done by the Chinese.

Having said all that i am reminded of a Chinses Proverb which goes "Its better to light one candle than to curse the darkness". I end this blog having said that and take up with my work to lighting atleat one candle and request you light one candle and dispel the darkness that we Indians are in today. Abhinav has done it now its time for you and me to do it.
Best of luck.

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