Feeling Pristine After The Ablutionary Bath At Hardwar

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Do we deserve anything else????

People around the world are expressing shock and revulsion at the deadly terrorist attacks in Mumbai. But I would like to ask why do you esteemed readers feel that this should not have happened or whats the reason to be in such a shock? Atleast I don't find any reason to be shocked about it at all. With the levels of corruption and immorality prevelent in our beuracracy this was definitely comming also proximity to Pakistan makes us a very easy target.

I have purposefully kept this terse with an intention to have some comments from the readers. Be considerate enough to put some of your thoughts here.

Monday, November 24, 2008

World Bank and India

In India, WBI’s urban governance and management program supports the establishment of a Certification Program in City Management within local capacity development and learning institutions. Engagement with the Indian urban sector takes place at the national level with the Advisory Committee on Certification in City Management chaired by the Ministry of Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation, and at the state government level with the respective urban development departments mandated to oversee the development of urban local bodies. At the institutional level WBI cooperates with the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) and Yashada the state training institution of Maharashtra. WBI facilitates the adaptation of a nationally accepted curriculum on urban management. More than 200 city managers have completed the program to date. The program is now scaling-up by increasing the number of institutions in the certification network WBI also facilitats web-based learning; integration of the certification model in World Bank lending operations in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu to date; and through the capacity building component of the Government of India’s National Urban Renewal Mission.


World Bank Group President Robert B. Zoellick has namedSanjay Pradhan to head the World Bank Institute (WBI), the learning, training and capacity-building arm of the World Bank Group. Mr. Pradhan, an Indian national, is a leading authority on governance and public sector capacity building, combining a distinguished research record with extensive operational experience. In recent years he led the design and implementation of the World Bank Group’s Governance and Anticorruption Strategy. Before his appointment as Vice-President for WBI, Mr. Pradhan directed the Bank's Public Sector Governance Group from September 2002, where he oversaw worldwide advisory and lending services to governments on public sector management, public finance and governance. Mr. Pradhan joined the Bank Group in 1986 as a Young Professional. Subsequently, he held various positions, including Sector Manager, Public Sector, in the South Asia as well as Europe and Central Asia Regions. Mr. Pradhan was also a principal author of the World Development Report 1997, The State in a Changing World. He holds a PhD and Bachelor’s degree from Harvard University.
The WBI works with local training partners, universities and other academic institutions, and centers of excellence to bring global and local knowledge to bear on national and regional development issues. Through its courses and seminars, professional networks, and communities of practice, WBI creates opportunities for South-South and North-South knowledge exchange and innovation. For more than 50 years, WBI has influenced half a million public and private sector decision makers around the world, many of whom have become leaders and change agents in their countries.
“Today policymakers around the world want to know what has worked elsewhere, and they want to connect with practitioners in other parts of the world. They want just-in-time global knowledge that can be customized for local conditions. The World Bank Institute can serve as a premier global platform that connects practitioners with cutting-edge development knowledge.” Mr. Pradhan said. “By supporting dynamic capacity development that inspires, informs and catalyzes innovative reforms across countries, the World Bank Institute can play a very helpful role in improving development outcomes.”

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

IIM - A ki seat dilade

तेरी ऊँची शान है मौला
मेरी आरजी मान ले मौला
तू है सब कुछ जान्ने वाला

मुझको भी तू लिफ्ट करदे
थोडी सी तो लिफ्ट करदे.
कैसे कैसों को दिया है
ऐसे वैसों को दिया है
मुझको भी तू लिफ्ट करदे
IIM - A की सीट दिलादे.

I am glad to inform you that I have been ranked 11th in Nagpur in the AIMCAT-902 conducted on last Sunday that should mean that i score some 95-97%ile. Ya ... me I have scored that .You find hard to beleive it , even I do. Understandably so after being the University topper way back in 2004 and getting selected in Indian Oil Corporation in 2006 this is the first time I have something worthwhile to mention. In last 3 test 2 times I have scored close to 95%ile and that has made me belive that I to can one day surely be a part of the esteemed and most coveted IIMs.

Having said that i also have some complaints. These days I am more into filling forms for the B'schools rather than preparing for the exams.Others may not sympathise (ya, sympathise i should say) but those who have gone through it or going through it will definitely Commiserate.
I fail to undestand one thing, when most have them have accepted to take CAT score for consideration why don't the get the relevent information from IIMs.They can just ask the students to simple quote his/her CAT application number and deposit the application fee into their gluttnous account. But no, they will make you fill their worthles forms which hardy have any sensible questions. I don't understand who will teach these so called management schools how to manage simple things.It's no surprise that we are very much into such a grave problem courtsy IIM gards selected into financial biggies like the erstwhile Lehman Bors,Merryl Lynch, AIG, Fannie, Freedie and others.

Yeh B'schools walon ki shaan me kuch aarj karta hun...

मैं तेरे लिए ताजमहल से बड़ी इम्मारत

मैं तेरे लिए ताजमहल से बड़ी इम्मारत

मुमताज़ तो मर के दफ़न हुई थी

मैं तुझे जिंदा ही दफ्नौन्गा

Sunday, November 2, 2008

02 Nov 2008

I started my day almost 15 mins past 0600 hrs. That’s worth noting because it was just yesterday that I decided to start my studies by 0600 hrs.
For about 2 hrs in the morning I practiced a few RC passages and thought to do at least 2 RC passages in today’s AIMCAT 0902.
The exam did bring some cheer as I had a descent score – 104 (EU – 21 (c/w) 7/9, DI – 47 (12/1), QA – 36 (10/4)). That should fetch me some 95%ile. I committed some silly mistakes but then I won’t complain as they are going to be there in the actual CAT too.
English was the toughest section this time with 3 long RC passages and FIJ. DI and Quants were both relatively easy.
After the paper I met one of my friends. He was my batch mate at LIT and we both joined ESSAR as GETs. We had some 3 hr long discussion and all the sweet memories of ESSAR were rekindled. They say you never forget the lessons and the great memories of your first job as you don’t forget your first Girlfriend. For the former, I vote in favor but for the latter I am blank. As you know very well that Girlfriend and all doesn’t seem to be my cup of tea.

गर्लफ्रेंड से याद आया :-

हर समुन्दर में साहिल नही होता,
हेर ज़हाज़ में मिसाल नही होती ,
अगर वेस्टर्न कल्चर का असर न होता
तो हेर लुक्खे के पास गर्लफ्रेंड नहीं होती।

Wah Wah .. kya creativity hai.. CAT ka to pata nahi par Shero shayari me koi apna haath nahi pakad sakta......

Kya kehte ho...?