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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Teacher’s Day Celebrations

This time I happened to celebrate the day after about 12 years or so last time being when I was in school.

Life as such keeps turning lot of surprises every other day but that’s not very true for me. To get over the boredom I decided to pick up some value addition activity and ended up joining German language classes with RTMNU. I supposed these classes to be a good pass time but it proved quite otherwise. Right since the first day I have been befuddled by some fuzzy questions the most irritating of it being why did you join these classes? I don’t understand the reason for this question when everybody is aware that nobody joins these kinds of classes for any purpose as it became quite clear by the puerile answers that the question received ranging from – ‘helpful for campus placements’ to as funny as ‘mere time pass’. Come on I understand everybody joins it for the same reason but at least don’t say that. I have been trying to prevaricate for quite some time on this question but alas nobody seems to believe. Problem is that after being out of the college for almost 4 years or so I have lost my knack to produce convincing bluffs and end up producing silly answers. (With your presumed kind permission I deviate. It has been the biggest fault in our education system that we never give any credit to the genuine but to the one who can forge and produce a hypocritical reason). I ended up saying that as I am a fan of Adolf Hitler and hence I wanted to learn German and my gullible classmates believed me without any frown on their forehead. (If one of them happens to read this, I am sure of being taken to one of the Nazi concentration camps).And believe me as soon as I Said I am a fan of Adolf Hitler, back came the reply “You must have read ‘Mein Kampf’?”. What else did they ever want me to read? I knew I was not going to be granted any impunity in that belligerent class and hence made my stance very clear at the outset that I admired his ideologies and preferred not to offer comments on his acts. The crowd had already started dragging me into controversies by spelling out contentious topics as Nazism.
There is another question which I like to avoid but it time and again comes to pester me. “Why do you want to opt for MBA?” This time it was a reframed one “Why do you want to opt for MBA, when you can get a good job on your B.Tech Degree?” I had a counter question ready for this but decided otherwise. I wanted to ask for the definition of a ‘Good Job’. The answer I gave for the question was the stereotyped one growth prospect and bla bla bla. Again on this question to I have my own understanding. Its herd mentality they call it. You just want to be a part of the RAT RACE. Students without any work experience who don’t understand even the abc of business want to opt for Masters in Business Administration. Sounds a bit funny, but that’s the bitter truth. I don’t wish to say that those with work experience understand too much of business for that matter. Here too I have my reservations which I would disclose some other time. At this point I would appreciate the answer by Kapil, who was quite candid in his reply when he said that he wanted to earn 100 thousand per month (Rs I suppose as he didn’t mention Rs or $).

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