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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fused bulbs - craving for electricity

The electricity supply problem seems to be creating problems galore. Earlier we used to have power cuts at our residence; thanks to the inverter that problem has been well addressed. However, I am facing the same problem but at a different location. This time it happens to be at our German Language Class. We have been facing this problem right since the first day of the class, had a hiatus for some 10 odd days (during the Ganesh Festival days) and back it comes again. What irritates me the most is, the fact that the MSEB authorities, well aware of the class timings in the university library (oh sorry if I have not yet mentioned - our German language classes are conducted in RTMNU Library premises) haven’t budged an inch. I understand their tribulations about the scarcity of electricity and have no problems with them if they resort to power cuts, but I want them to be judicious about the timings of the power cuts at least. We have to study or at least make such attempts in the absence of the ELECTRIC TUBELIGHTS (class timings being 1800 hrs to 2000 hrs), not to talk about our fused bulbs which are never going to accept anything even in the bright daylight. (The comment is a general one – those 100 Watt bulbs need not take offence). There is a lot of huge and cry for improving standards of education and the importance of this in the modern-day economy but alas all that doesn’t mean anything to the MSEB authorities. Our department has made arrangements for us by providing us with emergency lights (2 or 3 max), but for a class of 120 students it is grossly inadequate. Unless the attitude of the authorities changes the fused bulbs shall be left craving for electricity.

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