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Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Day In my Life as an Idler

The Day starts with the ringing of the alarm which shakes me out of my cozy bed at about 0430 hrs in the morning. As many of my close friends must be very well aware of, i am having a bad habbit of setting audacious targets only to realise that they are far beyond my reach. One of them is this daily futile attempt of mine to get up at 0430 hrs. Thanks to the snooze facility available in my mobile device which ensures that i dont get up till 0500 hrs.
I start the day with mild exercies ( a must for we people with sedentary jobs) and some pranayam. That all lasts untill 0600 hrs and then i find myself hurrying for the morning class with T.I.M.E. I come back form the class by around 0845 hrs. Then its time for the newspaper and that is followed by studies ( as u all must be aware CAT takes everything out of you). This study session lasts about 3 hrs. The second session starts at around 1300 hrs and lasts for another 4 hrs. Then i have my German Language Class at about 1800 hrs. i come back from there at 2000 hrs and again this time its time to read some books and some blogging. i call off the day by about 2200 hrs.
So good night its about time to call it off.

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