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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

IIM - A ki seat dilade

तेरी ऊँची शान है मौला
मेरी आरजी मान ले मौला
तू है सब कुछ जान्ने वाला

मुझको भी तू लिफ्ट करदे
थोडी सी तो लिफ्ट करदे.
कैसे कैसों को दिया है
ऐसे वैसों को दिया है
मुझको भी तू लिफ्ट करदे
IIM - A की सीट दिलादे.

I am glad to inform you that I have been ranked 11th in Nagpur in the AIMCAT-902 conducted on last Sunday that should mean that i score some 95-97%ile. Ya ... me I have scored that .You find hard to beleive it , even I do. Understandably so after being the University topper way back in 2004 and getting selected in Indian Oil Corporation in 2006 this is the first time I have something worthwhile to mention. In last 3 test 2 times I have scored close to 95%ile and that has made me belive that I to can one day surely be a part of the esteemed and most coveted IIMs.

Having said that i also have some complaints. These days I am more into filling forms for the B'schools rather than preparing for the exams.Others may not sympathise (ya, sympathise i should say) but those who have gone through it or going through it will definitely Commiserate.
I fail to undestand one thing, when most have them have accepted to take CAT score for consideration why don't the get the relevent information from IIMs.They can just ask the students to simple quote his/her CAT application number and deposit the application fee into their gluttnous account. But no, they will make you fill their worthles forms which hardy have any sensible questions. I don't understand who will teach these so called management schools how to manage simple things.It's no surprise that we are very much into such a grave problem courtsy IIM gards selected into financial biggies like the erstwhile Lehman Bors,Merryl Lynch, AIG, Fannie, Freedie and others.

Yeh B'schools walon ki shaan me kuch aarj karta hun...

मैं तेरे लिए ताजमहल से बड़ी इम्मारत

मैं तेरे लिए ताजमहल से बड़ी इम्मारत

मुमताज़ तो मर के दफ़न हुई थी

मैं तुझे जिंदा ही दफ्नौन्गा


Anonymous said...

kuchh originality honi chahiye thhi prabhu se IIM-A ki seat ki yaachna mein......Anu Malik's n Kher's.....i guess even HE's had enuf of these thhaka-haaraz:)neways
u guys will mke it,for sure:)ur AIM hs turned out to be pretty accurate in belling the elusive CAT,so v'll start gearin ourselves up for a sumptuous treat,wat say:) ...god bless.

prajakta said...

aare bhai tu IIM's pe hi kyun atak gaya yaar..watever u r going to do wud be just 100%prefect...IIM's hi kya koi bhi coll main jaega na tu sab ki vaat tu hi lagane waala guys u will get tough competition!