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Sunday, November 2, 2008

02 Nov 2008

I started my day almost 15 mins past 0600 hrs. That’s worth noting because it was just yesterday that I decided to start my studies by 0600 hrs.
For about 2 hrs in the morning I practiced a few RC passages and thought to do at least 2 RC passages in today’s AIMCAT 0902.
The exam did bring some cheer as I had a descent score – 104 (EU – 21 (c/w) 7/9, DI – 47 (12/1), QA – 36 (10/4)). That should fetch me some 95%ile. I committed some silly mistakes but then I won’t complain as they are going to be there in the actual CAT too.
English was the toughest section this time with 3 long RC passages and FIJ. DI and Quants were both relatively easy.
After the paper I met one of my friends. He was my batch mate at LIT and we both joined ESSAR as GETs. We had some 3 hr long discussion and all the sweet memories of ESSAR were rekindled. They say you never forget the lessons and the great memories of your first job as you don’t forget your first Girlfriend. For the former, I vote in favor but for the latter I am blank. As you know very well that Girlfriend and all doesn’t seem to be my cup of tea.

गर्लफ्रेंड से याद आया :-

हर समुन्दर में साहिल नही होता,
हेर ज़हाज़ में मिसाल नही होती ,
अगर वेस्टर्न कल्चर का असर न होता
तो हेर लुक्खे के पास गर्लफ्रेंड नहीं होती।

Wah Wah .. kya creativity hai.. CAT ka to pata nahi par Shero shayari me koi apna haath nahi pakad sakta......

Kya kehte ho...?

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