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Friday, October 10, 2008

Napolean by Emil Ludwig

I am hooked up to a new book these days. After being surfeit with books on some great Germans of the likes of Adolf Hitler, Karl Marx and Frederic Engels and Sigmund Freud I have taken up with their arch rivals The French. I am writing French cause most of you would associate Napoleon with France if at all you know something more than his name. The book Titled ‘NAPOLEON’ is around 600 pages and is a biography by Emil Ludwig.

Some comments by a German, Mr Johann Wolfgang von Goethe on Napoleon are:-

Napolean went forth too seek virtue but,since she was not to be found, he got power.

The story of Napoleon produces on me an impression like that produced by revelition of saint John the divine. We all feel there must be something more in it, but we do not konw what.

So divine an illumination is alwayse linked with youth and productivity; and in very truth, Napoleon was one of the most productive men that ever lived.
One who thoughtfully ponders the centuries, surveys the whole in the clear light of the spirit; All that is petty has vanished from sight; Oceans and continents alone are of account.

It is essential that man shall be ruined ! ... But since, here below everything takes place by natural causes, the daimons trip him, thus, in the end, even Napolean is overthrown.

On judgement day, before God's thrown,There stood at last, Napoleon.The Davil had his list begunof crimes the Bonapartes had done,When God the Father, of God the Son,Cut Satan short before God's throne."Don't bore us all to death with readingA german professorial pleading !If you're bold enough to face him,In your kingdom you may place him."

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